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Teton FreeRiders created the first user-specific trail network in the United States Forest Service system designing and constructing the entire gravity mountain bike trail system in Teton County, WY, primarily on Teton Pass. We fill the labor void with over two thousand hours of trail building annually via our professional trail crew. We have also made significant contributions to the Greater Snow King Area, Munger Mountain Trail Network, and the Phillip’s Trail Network.  

 Teton FreeRiders is a tax-exempt organization under the IRC 501(c)(3)

@tetonfreeriders President, Kevin Kavanagh, and @long.arm.man are pumped on how many awesome bikes are here at the Community Bike Swap. Doors open at 10 at @thehub_jh , 410 W Pearl Ave. Get your butts down here and support your local trails!
Only 30 Minutes left to make your donation through Old Bill's, so if you are a procrastinator the time has come. No matter what amount you can give every little bit helps. Just $25 funds one hour of trail work! 
In one hour we can:
Buff out a berm
Fill in brake bumps
Repack the lip on a jump
Fix a drain
Clear brush
Plan a new feature
Rake out a turn
So go to the link in our bio right now and help keep Teton Pass one of the best riding spots in the country!

📸: @jaygoodrich

Only 2 days left to donate through Old Bill's! The giving period ends tomorrow and we need your help keeping our local trails open and riding their best. If you haven't already donated please consider supporting Teton FreeRiders this year!  We give it all back to the dirt. 
Go to link in bio to donate now!

🚵: @powbender 
📸: @powbenders
Whether building some of the best trails and features on public land in the world or fighting for your rights as a mountain biker, TFR works tirelessly to ensure you have access to trails that don't suck! 

Our trails were the first legal downhill-specific bicycle trails on US Forest Service land in the country. Today, they serve as a model for other groups nationwide looking to provide their local community an opportunity to recreate and enrich their lives. 

We work hand in hand with government agencies, other local non-profits, and local businesses to keep these trails alive and thriving. We are an all-volunteer-driven non-profit that wants to make sure that the Tetons have the best mountain bike trails possible. 

TFR is here for you and your trails. Please give us your support during the 2023 Old Bill's Fun Run! Follow the link in our bio now! 

We almost forgot to mention, it’s Pass Bash tomorrow from 11-4 at The Stagecoach. Free shuttles for all!!!


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📷: @dlnardi
🚨Pass Bash Alert‼️ The best riding of the year is going on right now and that is reason to celebrate! Come join @wilsonbackcountrysports and Teton FreeRiders at The Stagecoach Bar for our final PASS BASH of the summer this Saturday, September 9th from 11-4! 
We'll be there running free shuttles and saluting one of the best seasons of riding in recent memory. Come join the party! 

🚵: @powbender
📸: @dlnardi
🚀Teton Pass Bash #2 This Saturday, 11-4, at the Stagecoach! The dirt is perfect right now and the trails are open! Come on down for free shuttles provided by two of the finest bike shops around, @hoffsbikesmith  and @hobacksports ! Time to send it! 
🚵: @powbender 
📸: @dlnardi
💥Teton Pass Bash this Saturday, June 10th from 11-4 at The Stagecoach Bar! Sponsored by @thehub_jh, @ride.force, and @orbea Bikes. 
Free Shuttles, Free Demos from Orbea and Good Times! See ya there! 

🚵: @stylesgnarly 
📸: @dlnardi
Thanks to everyone who came down to the Bike Swap! You’re the reason we have so many awesome pathways and trails here in the Tetons! We raised a ton of money and it’s going straight to @friendsofpathways and @tetonfreeriders. 
Way to go Jackson Hole! 
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Win this @ridecannondale E-bike at The Bike Swap! $5 a ticket or $20 for 5 Tickets! Help support your local trails. 
Bike Swap Drop-off is today until 7. Swap starts tomorrow morning at 10 am! Come down to The Hub!
📣Join us on this Saturday, May 13th at 10 am for the 11th Annual Jackson Hole Bike Swap at The Hub Bicycles! This is the ultimate event for buying or selling a bike in Teton Region - all types of bikes are welcome, just make sure they are in working order. Plus, proceeds benefit Friends of Pathways and Teton FreeRiders. This year, we'll be at The Hub Bicycles' new location, 410 W Pearl Ave.
It’s the final countdown. Make your donation by 5pm today to get the match from Old Bill’s! Link in bio! 
Only 25 hours left to make your donation to Teton FreeRiders through Old Bill’s! Help us help you catch some air! Follow the link in our bio now! 
🚵‍♂️: @blovesbikes
And now a word from our head trail builder, Harlan.
"Hey, Teton Pass riders. How many of the dozens of downed trees have you come across while riding the pass this year? Want to keep it that way? Then please donate to Teton Freeriders through Old Bill’s by this Friday 5pm to have your donation boosted through the matching fund. Help keep our trail crew available to check the trails after every wind event."
The link is in our bio!
This is literally what we do with every dime that is donated to Teton FreeRiders. You have until 5 pm this Friday to make your donations go even further with the match through Old Bill’s Fun Run. Go to the link in our bio to make your mark on Teton Pass!
Please remember us during Old Bill's this year and make a donation! 
We don't just build jumps and trails. We build lifelong friendships. We build community. We build imaginations. 
When we first built the trails on Teton Pass, we just wanted a place to ride. We didn't realize that we would end up creating a place that brought our local cycling community together in an extraordinary way. 
Riding on Teton Pass is where we have built our strongest relationships and where so many members of our community have done the same through their shared experiences. That's why keeping this unique local asset alive, and thriving is essential. 
Help us keep building the trails that weave our community's fabric by donating to Teton FreeRiders through Old Bill's Fun Run. Your donations are matched, meaning more berms, jumps, and amazing trails for you and your friends. 
🚵: @powbenderz (12) & @stylezgnarly (10)
📸: @dlnardi
Pass Bash Tomorrow! 
Free Demos, Free Shuttles, and Good Times!
11 am - 4 pm at The Stagecoach Bar. 
See you there! 
Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting this awesome event, we couldn't do it without you!
@hoffsbikesmith @wheelwranglers @fitzgeraldsbicyclesjh @rockymountainbicycles 
📷: @sashamotivala
Who's ready for a sendy Sunday?! Join us for a special @thecarriboojack end o' season Pass Bash at Stagecoach Bar this Sunday from 11-4 w/ @hoffsbikesmith , @fitzgeraldsbicyclesjh , @hobacksports , @wheelwranglers , and @rockymountainbicycles ! 
Link in bio!
🚵: @rowdyflow in the raw.
Want to get your hands dirty on some backcountry singletrack? Join the @thecarriboojack trail maintenance day tomorrow, Saturday, August 13th! They're doing a little nip-n-tuck on Fogg Hill before the race on August 27th. Link in our bio for more info! 
📍Upper Rainey Cr TH⁠
⏱ 9:00 am⁠
Expect a day in the mountains. Bring your bike, pack, and plenty of water and snacks.⁠
More info in the link in our bio.⁠
📸 @bengavelda & @cortmuller
Yo yo! Attention everyone: The US Forest Service is doing fuels reduction on Teton Pass! This won’t last long but…

Saturday Impact: Powerline trail. temporary closure
 Please respect the closures for your safety. 
Mon-Tuesday Impact: Fuzzy Bunny. Temporary closure but with OPR being seal-coated these same days, we would advise planning to go elsewhere these two days!
Perfect day for some Pass Laps with friends. #passbash
Get ready for Pass Bash this Saturday, June 25th! 11-4 at the Stagecoach. Sponsored by @wilsonbackcountrysports & @wheelwranglers, which means two shuttles for more laps. Time to send it!
Still shuttling until four! 
Pass Bash is back after a two year hiatus this Saturday, June 4th from 11-4! Don't miss out on this awesome day of riding sponsored by @thehub_jh , @hobacksports  and The Stagecoach Bar! Free shuttles provided by both shops and we'll have TFR memberships and gear for sale. Come support your local trails while getting your shred on! This is a great opportunity to hang out with friends new and old on some of the best trails in the world. See you there. Check our link in bio for more info. 
🚵‍♀️: @rachellllong 
📸: @malachiartice
@tetonfreeriders Board Member @curleyclayton lending his expertise to help get it done at the Victor Bike Park rebuild. We’re stoked to be a partner in making @mtbthetetons dream a reality!

Teton FreeRiders


Jackson Hole, Wyoming Trail Riders & Builders

Our Mission: To enrich the Teton experience through the creation and care of exceptional trails.

The United States Forest Service was given a grant (The Gas Grant) to be applied to the trail system in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. This opened the door to the first “user-specific” trail system in the country. There was enough money for everything but labor. The BTNF would only approve trails sponsored by a local business or organization, leading to the birth of The Teton FreeRiders.

Due to the increasing numbers of residents and tourists along with the rapidly growing popularity of trail-related activities issues arose exponentially.  User conflicts increased among mountain bikers, horseback riders, trail runners, hikers & dog walkers. Trail erosion and degradation occurred faster than it could be repaired and maintained.  These primary issues spurred a public outcry for a solution.

In October 2004, we became incorporated and began working in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service. The Teton FreeRiders fill the labor void with thousands of hours of paid labor. The U.S.F.S. holds TFR responsible for trail design, signage, safety, and education.

Teton FreeRiders is a tax-exempt organization under the IRC 501(c)(3)


Join Us For one of our advocacy events

Event Details

May 13, 2023

Jackson Hole Community Bike Swap

Swap: Saturday, May 13th, 10am – 1pm

Drop-off: Friday, May 12th, 12-7pm

The Hub Bicycles
410 W Pearl Ave
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

Sponsored by The Hub Bicycles

June 10th, 2023 11 am – 4 pm

Teton Pass Bash
Sponsored by The Hub Bicycles And Orbea bikes

Join us at The Stagecoach Bar for an epic Pass Bash and help us keep the Teton Pass trails alive! Free demos from Orbea. We will have free shuttles to take you and your bike up for a full day of shredding. We’ll be set up selling TFR merchandise and memberships in the yard. The Hub  will be running shuttles from 11-4. This is a great way to make new friends and shred with old friends too! Drinks and food will be available from The Stagecoach and Streetfood. Don’t miss this awesome day!
(Children must be accompanied by an adult)

June 24th, 2023 11 am – 4 PM

Teton Pass Bash
Sponsored By Hoff's Bikesmith and Hoback Sports

Join us at The Stagecoach Bar for an epic Pass Bash and help us keep the Teton Pass trails alive! We will have free shuttles to take you and your bike up for a full day of shredding. We’ll be set up selling TFR merchandise and memberships in the yard. Hoff’s Bikesmith and Hoback sports will be running multiple shuttles from 11-4. This is a great way to make new friends and shred with old friends too! Drinks and food will be available from The Stagecoach and Streetfood. Don’t miss this awesome day!
(Children must be accompanied by an adult)

Sept 9th 11 am – 4 pm

Teton Pass Bash
Season Ender Party
Sponsored by Fitzgerald's Bicycles
& Wilson Backcountry Sports

This is our final Pass Bash of the year. It’s going to be a blowout celebration of our season. Stay tuned for more details…


Teton FreeRiders is a tax-exempt organization under the IRC 501(c)(3) 

Pass Bash

Join us on Teton Pass to help raise dollars for trail maintenance and construction while having a blast! Sponsored by local shops we set up at the Stagecoach with FREE shuttles running to the top of the pass all day. It’s a great opportunity to make some new friends, explore new trails, and get some fresh Teton FreeRiders gear to let the world know your support your local trails.


Donations?  Every dollar donated to goes straight back to your local trails. We are a 100% volunteer Board of Directors and we care about making mountain biking better in our community. That’s why we work hard to make sure that your donations make an impact at your local riding spots!


Kevin Kavanagh
Harlan Hottenstein
Phil Wettach
Anne Marie Curley
Clay Curley
Paul Smith


Get’ N’  R DOne ‘R!

Join Us In The Dirt

Teton FreeRiders are a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit Organization
Contact us at info@tetonfreeriders.org
Post Office Box 4532 Jackson, Wyoming 83001